Kawasaki KD80 MC1 G5 KD100 KE100 KM100 Rear Brake Cam 42026-018 NOS

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Kawasaki  KD80 MC1 G5 KD100 KE100 KM100  Rear Brake Cam  42026-018 NOS

Listing is for a a qty of ONE.

Please check part number to be sure this is the correct part for your application. I use the Zedder database as a reference only!

Part # = 42026-018
Part Description = REAR BRAKE CAMSHAFT
Model Count = 51
KD80 75 80 KD80 MINI BIKE
KD80-A2 76 80 KD80 MINI BIKE
KD80-M1 80 80 KD80 OFF ROAD
KD80-M2 81 80 KD80 OFF ROAD
KD80-M3 82 80 KD80 OFF ROAD
KD80-M4 83 80 KD80 OFF ROAD
KD80-M5 84 80 KD80 OFF ROAD
KD80-M7 86 80 KD80 OFF ROAD
KD80-M8 87 80 KD80 OFF ROAD
MC1A 74 90 MC1 90 MINI BIKE
MC1B 75 90 MC1 90 MINI BIKE
G5B 74 100 G5 100 DUAL PURPOSE
G5C 75 100 G5 100 DUAL PURPOSE
KD100-M1 76 100 KD100M MINI BIKE
KD100-M2 77 100 KD100M MINI BIKE
KD100-M3 78 100 KD100M MINI BIKE
KD100-M4 79 100 KD100M MINI BIKE
KE100-A10 81 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-A5 76 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-A6 77 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-A7 78 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-A8 79 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-A9 80 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-B1 82 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-B10 91 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-B11 92 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-B12 93 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-B13 94 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-B14 95 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-B15 96 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-B16 97 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-B17 98 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-B18 99 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-B2 83 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-B3 84 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-B5 86 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-B6 87 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-B7 88 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-B8 89 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KE100-B9 90 100 KE100 DUAL PURPOSE
KM100-A1 76 100 KM100 MINI BIKE
KM100-A2 77 100 KM100 MINI BIKE
KM100-A3 78 100 KM100 MINI BIKE
KM100-A3A 78 100 KM100 MINI BIKE
KM100-A4 79 100 KM100 MINI BIKE
KM100-A6 80 100 KM100 MINI BIKE
KM100-A7 81 100 KM100 MINI BIKE
KV100-A7 76 100 KV100 DUAL PURPOSE

More than happy to combine shipping with other items.  Items usually ship out within 3 days or less after payment. If you have any questions or need more pictures just let me know.

International purchases on single or multiple items over $30 are subject to USPS Priority shipping regardless of weight or size. Priority shipping has better coverage for both of us on higher value items. If you see shipping on multiple items jump from $8 for the first one and then $6 additional for the second one its because I will be upgrading the shipping from First Class to Priority. I always refund some of the shipping cost when shipping multiple items together. Its best to let me calculate shipping on multiple items rather than paying for each item separate.

I apologize for the high cost of Priority shipping in some cases but if it does not fit into one of the Flat Rate Priority envelopes or boxes the cheapest Priority Shipping is about $30 to most locations.

Be sure to add me to your favorite sellers. I have a HUGE assortment of NOS Kawasaki parts available.
Gaskets, pistons, rings, hardware, spokes, cables. sprockets, electrical, etc....

I have started at 11001-xxx and I'm working my way up. I have skipped over most of the gaskets, some of the carb parts and the hardware. If you are looking for something be sure to let me know.

Scrambler Cycle is a small motorcycle shop specializing in vintage motorcycle repair and part sales. If you ever find yourself in northwest Wisconsin feel free to stop in.

Kevin scramblercycle.com

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