Yamaha AT1 AT2 AT3 CT1 CT2 CT3 RD200 CS5 HS1 Tach Driven Gear 248-17841-00 NOS

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Yamaha AT1 AT2 AT3 CT1 CT2 CT3 RD200 CS5 HS1  Tach Driven Gear  248-17841-00 NOS

Listing is for a qty of  ONE.

Please check part number to be sure this is the correct part for your application. Fitment is for reference only!

Part # = 248-17841-00-00
Part Description = GEAR,DRIVEN
Model Count = 25
AT1B 1970 125 AT1 Enduro Dual-Purpose
AT1C 1971 125 AT1 Enduro Dual-Purpose
AT1E 1969 125 AT1 Enduro Dual-Purpose
AT1M 1969 125 AT1M Enduro Dual-Purpose
AT1MB 1970 125 AT1M Enduro Dual-Purpose
AT2 1972 125 AT2 Enduro Dual-Purpose
AT2M 1972 125 AT2M Enduro Dual-Purpose
AT3 1973 125 AT3 Enduro Dual-Purpose
CS3B 1971 200 CS3 Street
CS3C 1970 250 CS3 Street
CS5 1972 200 CS5 Street
CT1 1969 175 CT1 Dual Purpose
CT1B 1970 175 CT1 Dual Purpose
CT1C 1971 175 CT1 Dual Purpose
CT2 1972 175 CT2 Dual Purpose
CT3 1973 175 CT3 Dual Purpose
DT125A 1974 125 DT125 Dual Purpose
DT125B 1975 125 DT125 Dual Purpose
DT125C 1976 125 DT125 Dual Purpose
HS1 1970 90 HS1 Street
HS1B 1971 90 HS1 Street
LS2 1972 100 LS2 Street
RD200A 1974 200 RD200 Street
RD200B 1975 200 RD200 Street
RD200C 1976 200 RD200 Street

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Loft Inventory 248 Box

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